Every effort will be made to contact you to gain consent to perform extractions if needed. Please be available at the number listed above in order to give permission for additional dental procedures if needed.

Complications of dental extractions

Complications during dental extractions are not common but as with any surgical procedure, they are always a possibility. Although we take every precaution to prevent them, they can still occur. Some potential complications of dental extractions are:

  1. Fracture and retention of root of a tooth during extraction which may require follow-up removal by veterinary dental specialist.
  2. Displacement of root of tooth during extraction into sinus cavities, nasal passage, or mandibular medullary canal which may require follow-up removal by veterinary dental specialist or another veterinary surgeon. 
  3. Inability to complete extraction of a root due to root being ankylosed (tightly adhered to bone surrounding the root) to alveolar bone.  If it is warranted that root be removed, referral to veterinary dental specialist may be required.
  4. Fracture of mandible (jaw) during attempt at extraction. This is a rare occurrence but is primarily seen in pets with diseased mandibular bone associated with dental disease or with small animals with thin/weaker mandibular bone integrity.
  5. Potential chronic oral/nasal fistula at site of upper canine tooth extraction which require multiple surgeries to repair or referral to veterinary dental specialist.
  6. Due to the number of extractions some pets require during the dental procedure and the length of time pet has been under anesthesia, some extractions or procedures may be staged or postponed and performed at a follow-up visit or pet may be referred to a veterinary dental specialist for the necessary extractions.